Hey, Where Did Ya Go?!!!

So, you’re probably wondering where all of the cool content went that used to be on my blog! 😉

No worries, just click your little mouse or finger on this link and follow me to my new site:

How to…God’s Way! – Linda Travelute, Ph.D

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See you there!

Dr. Linda

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    • Why You Don’t Have to Be Popular to Have a Lot of Friends
      http://youtu.be/OE8cFMvVZW4 Want a lot of friends? Of course you do! We let you in on a little secret - you don't have to be popular to have a lot of friends. But here's what you do need…Watch!
    • How To Not Let Your Friend’s Differences Drive You Crazy
      Kathy: Your friend is not you, and you are not your friend. Duh! It seems that more often than not opposites attract. Who knows why that is? One theory is that the strengths evident in one person compliment the weaknesses in the other (if they don’t drive you nuts first!). I am sooooo different from […]
    • Do You Let “Sickness” Stop You From Friendship?
      Linda: Picture this: It’s Friday morning. The alarm goes off. It’s the day we play tennis. Today’s challenge: I feel like I’ve been hit by a train and my body is not in the mood for tennis. It aches, my head is spinning, and my nose is running. I’m gonna drag myself out of bed […]
    • How You Can Stay With a Friend Who Acts Stupid
      Kathy: Have you ever been with a friend and all of a sudden they turn “stupid”? I have! Everything is going just fine, at least that’s how it seems, and you’re having a fun time. Then wham! Somebody does something that messes everything up. It reminds me of when Linda and I are playing tennis. […]
    • Do You Let the Tough Stuff of Life Drain You Dry?
      Tired, drained, sapped, oh my! Oh yeah, life can be tough. Well then, we have a solution for you. Laughter is the jolt you need! Forget Redbull or your favorite energy drink. This fix is even cheaper than coffee or therapy. Have a belly laugh with a friend. We are still recovering from the tightness […]
    • Got a Friend who’s a taker not a giver?
      Here’s how to handle a friend who takes more than they give…
    • Messing with Your Definition of “Friendship”
      It’s amazing how we toss the word friend around and use it so freely. Even in the movies the good guy says to the bad guy, “Listen friend, your days are numbered!” Not so sure that was really a friend he was talking to, right?! Why do we use “friend” so often to describe relationships […]
    • Show Up With the Right Stuff
      Show Up with the Right Stuff Playing tennis is one of our favorite things to do together. It’s super fun, super exhilarating, and super competitive…not really, but we both do like to win! Today I (Kathy) arrived on the court without my trusty winning racket. However, I knew Linda would have extra stuff in her […]
    • Friendship: The Cat and Mouse Chase
      Friendship: The Cat and Mouse Chase Ever watched a cat chase a mouse? Got the image in your mind? Now imagine two friends playing a cat and mouse game. Here’s why – I chased Kathy like a cat in hot pursuit of a mouse until she decided to be my friend. Really! She would scamper […]
    • Hey, I Didn’t Know the Rules Changed!
      Have you ever played a game with someone only to find they have changed the rules without telling you? You cry foul and begin to whine, “Hey, wait a minute…that’s not the way we learned to play the game!” Who changed the rules? They did - and forgot to tell you. But in the back of their minds they’re thinking, “Yes, this is how we play now. Get with it!” Eve […]